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The NIL system is realistically here to stay, a fact with which I am fine. The"Elephant in the room" for me personally is I really want to hear aloud from our Board of Trustees, President Whitten and AD Dolson what are their goals/expectation of IUFB for the next decade. I understand they are not directly related to Hoosiers Connect but their opinions and actions will certainly have an impact for better or worse on NIL contributions. I do not believe there can be an improvement with our current coaching staff. We need a new clearly stated paradigm. I'd be pleased if we could predictably compete at the mid-level of the Big 10 with our peer universities, e.g., Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and the like. There are successful coaches out there (such as Curt Cignetti at JMU) who will be highly sought in a couple of weeks even though they are not from historically strong Division 1 schools. The NIL situation depending largely on alumni generosity requires a foundation of reasonable optimism.

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